"You're making me...can't believe the places you keep taking keep making me...keep letting you in"

Lyrics from jeremyneither's latest single "You're Making Me" (November 2019) pay tribute to faith in humanity derived from steadfast friends, fans, and music community. As someone whose career has shifted a lot - from classical music to a rock band to the singer-songwriter scene and now to indie pop - collaboration and community feels particularly important in light of being relatively new to his current niche. Fittingly, this is his first project not self-produced; production, mixing, and mastering were done by Leah Puffenberger of LMP Productions with art by Bronne Dytoc, with plans for more on the way as he pursues a darker aesthetic inspired by the sounds of The Neighbourhood, Glass Animals, and Young the Giant and the visuals of Blade Runner and other dystopian, neon-lit cinema.

Previously billed as Jeremy, jeremyneither's debut single "Warpath" was placed on rapper Tech N9ne's record label's hip-hop playlist and in Summer 2019 he placed in the top six in the finals of Atlanta's Tin Roof Acoustic Showdown for original singer-songwriters hosted by Ian Schumacher. The Atlanta-based artist's second single "645," a love song about valuing what you have while you have it, was released April 2019.

Continually fascinated by deep and existential themes, jeremyneither is building a world around his music lyrically and visually exploring what it means to be human, relationship with self, mental health, and love and loss. When he is not writing, performing, or recording, jeremyneither is background acting, practicing yoga, exploring the outdoors, or trying new restaurants. He is currently on a mission to find Atlanta's best burger.