"Here's how I'm living, one foot on the warpath and one in the past, crusading full force I'm gonna adapt"

The chorus of jeremy's debut single "Warpath" (2018) is a mantra for someone who grew up on classical music performing J.S. Bach only to switch mid-career to singing, rapping, and slapping a steel-string guitar. Having played lead guitar in a rock band somewhere in between, jeremy now pursues his vision of being Ed Sheeran without the loop pedal with the wordplay of Eminem and the vocal hooks of Khalid.

His single "Warpath" was placed on the Spotify hip-hop playlist of Tech N9ne's label Strange Music, Inc shortly after its release and in Fall 2018 he performed in the semifinals of Atlanta's Tin Roof Acoustic Showdown for original singer-songwriters.

The Atlanta based artist's latest single "645," a love song about valuing what you have while you have it, will be released Spring 2019.

Continually fascinated by the deep and the existential, many of jeremy's songs deal with relationship with self, what it means to be human, and mental health, as well as love and loss. When he is not writing, performing, or recording, jeremy is often practicing yoga, exploring the outdoors, or trying new indie restaurants. He is currently on a mission to find Atlanta's best burger.